Monday, June 14, 2010

Never a dull moment...NEVER!!!

So today Lori our piano teacher was over giving Sophia's piano lesson, and through the backdoor runs Avery screaming..."Mom, Benny has a rat", and I slowly walk toward her as my brain begins to process what she is saying, and then Benny comes running into the house arms outstreched with a LIVE gopher. "Mom, look what I's a squirrel...and ist's so cute", I started SCREAMING, Lori did too, but not as loud I think. "BENNY PUT THAT THING DOWN", to which he replied "no, I don't want to it's so cute", as he begins to lean toward it as if to kiss it ....COMMENCE me screaming "MATT, MATT, COME NOW, MATT." Matt, who was giving Gavin a bath at the moment scoops up the dripping naked baby, runs down the stairs and thrusts him toward me yelling "What, what is it?" And I again...screaming...of course...."Benny...RAAAAAATTTTT." Matt proceeds to knock the THING out of his hands and chucks it over the fence into the canal with a shovel. Let me just say one thing "I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR MY HUSBAND THE MIGHTY GOPHER HUNTER." It turns out it wasn't a rat, but it WAS a very mellow gopher just hanging out letting Benny pet it and hold it and heaven forbid almost kiss it. Anyways, that is our house...NEVER a dull moment ...NEVER!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Park Day at Settlers Park

Hear ye, hear ye, come one, come all. Meet at Settlers park in Meridian for some homeschool family fun....Uhhhh not really. Picture this reality instead: 300 kids in one very spread out park complete with musical instruments and 6 sweet dumplings all running in different in panic mode for 2.5 hours as i realize each of my kids in turn is now "lost". I dressed each of them that morning...okay not Phillip or Avery...but most of them, and for the life of me I have NO IDEA what any of my children are wearing. And all 6 of my kids look amazingly like every single other one of the 300 kids there at the park. Except for the 50 or so wearing matching green shirts with a daycare's name emblazoned on that's a smart idea!! MASJFHFUEHF FAMILY DAYCARE. That's us. Anyways wouldn't you just know that It was the FIRST day of non monsoon, tornado or hurricane weather in Idaho this year and every family in Treasure Valley decided to go to the SAME park....imagine that. Also did I mention there was kept SOME of my kids very excited for a while...however, I forgot most of the swimsuits, so Avery and Benny and Gavin just went in their clothes. I did bring a change of clothes for Benny and Gavin...BUT as soon as I put on Bennys "clean" clothes, OF COURSE he peed in them. :) I would have been stressed except my dear friend reminded me that us moms of more than 2 children just let them airdry...and Fabreeze the carseat when we get home. That is what I did, except I am out of fabreeze.....oops.

All in all an exciting day. I will also mention that TADA i DID in fact finish the pioneer dress in time for Avery's 10th bday. She loved it. It is quite cute except...and this is a big except...i had to rip the skirt out 3 times and redo it, and it still looks very odd. The bodice has a different middle than the skirt. Hmmmm.... BUT I sucessfully finished something I started and I am darn proud of that! My sweet daughter made it all worth while whe she said "Mother, I know that i will remember the hard work and dedication you put into this present for the rest of my life. It will be the gift that keeps on giving, because I will pass on this family heirloom pioneer gown on to my children and their children and our family will know of your love for generations to come." Just Kidding...but she did say "thank you Mom, you are a great Mom, and I love you". It was kinda close...just sayin.