Wednesday, November 5, 2008

All Dressed Up

Here is Bennett as "Hot Pooh". He has a fave book about Pooh called Pooh's Very Hot Day, and thus refers to Pooh as "Hot Pooh".
Sophia is a rainbow fairy. You can't really tell but she has a striped leotard on and different colored striped tights.
Gavin is a ducky.
Joey is the dreaded Captain Jack Sparrow.
Avery is an angel fairy. She hand crafted her pink wings herself.

And you may be wondering what Phillip is, dressed in black with Barbies hanging on him. Well I'll tell you. He is a Chick Magnet.Another shot, from behind, with "the twins". Yes, Phillip did come up with this idea all on his own. It was quite amusing watching him go around the neighborhood asking if he could borrow Barbies. He specifically asked for ones with clothing, as most of our Barbies no longer have clothes, and he didn't want to be a "naked chick magnet".

Cousin Violet's Birthday

Well, October 31st happens to be Cousin Violet's Birthday. So we made her a pumpkin flavored pumpkin shaped cake.While we were at the corn maze we picked several pumpkins and I baked them, hollowed them out and made pumpkiny things with them. Some of which were: Toasted pumpkin seeds, Pumpkin Pie, and a Sour Cream Bundt Cake (of which I made 3).
Here is Violet blowing out her "candle".

Bennett Breastfeeding his Doll

Ummm...I don't actually think these photos need a lot of explanation!!!