Friday, October 31, 2008

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A couple more....

A quick picture of Gavin's new swing. Pastor Rick and Mimi had this in their garage and they offered to let us borrow it. Yay!! Gavin loves it! We are keeping our other swing for when he gets bigger, but this is great for supporting his head. It either goes back and forth or side to side.

Some naked pictures so you can see how chubby he is.

Lenny kicking back on the couch. What an oaf.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cute October Photos

This is a cute shot of Gavin sleeping in the sling. Doesn't he look comfy? He looks like a lil' pea in a pod.

Okay, so you might think ohh what a cute smile, but no...he is actually pooping in this picture and this is his "pooping" face.
On Saturday was Molly's bday party. She turned 5. And since her birthday is so very close to Halloween, it was a dress up party. Avery was a princess, Sophia was little red riding hood, Joey was a cowboy and Bennett was a pirate. Here is Bennett attacking the spider pinata.
Joey as a cowboy!! When he got his shot at the pinata he actually knocked it off the rope and then proceeded to beat the spider with the stick on the ground.
And finally Sophia, Molly and Mikayla. A cute pic of the three of them. This was a very traumatic day for Sophia. Several weeks ago when she found out that Molly's birthday was close and upcoming she became hysterical insisting that I change her birthday, so that Molly wouldn't be older than her.! On Molly's actual birthday we had to relive the drama and hysterics all over again...what fun! "I simply cannot change the day you were born, I can not call the government and make them change it either,... no I cannot make Molly have your birthday either. Sorry. You will be stuck with your birthday all your life."

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Gavin Smile

I have been trying for a couple of weeks to get Gavin's fleeting smiles on camera. Here is a hint of one!!

Idaho Corn Maize

Here are some pictures from our field trip to the Idaho Corn Maize. It was so much fun! The theme this year was "Go Left or Right", and the maze was shaped as the faces of both Obama and McCain. We first went through the maze (we took the McCain side), and Phillip was an excellent guide. He had mapped out the maze and was awesome! We only took one wrong turn. The kids were great sports as it was long.
In case you don't know, it takes a LOOONNGG time to get 6 kids to sit still and look straight for a picture!!!

They had this jumping pillow, and Joey really got some air here. Zoom in on it and he looks like he's flying.This is the kids in a corn box, like a sand box but with corn!

Here are the kids getting a birds eye view on where to go next.
Phillip, our guide.
Bennett on the trail.
Joey kept darting in between rows and then hopping out at us.
Our friend Renee, and Phillip, Avery and Sophia.
Look at our cheap pumpkins. Gavin would have been a $0.50 pumpkin, but alas he was asleep.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sophia's New Do

Here is Sophia's new haircut. I think it looks so cute on her!!

Gavin is 2 months!!

On Friday we went to the Dr for Gavin's 2mo check up. He weighs almost 11 lbs and is 21 1/2 inches. That means that in 5 weeks he has gained a total of almost 6 lbs and he grew 3 inches. Way to pack it on Gavin!! He has gastric reflux, which is supposedly common in premies, so he was prescribed an antacid. It works amazingly. In just 2 days he is sooo much happier. He was actually called...pudgy by his Dr. I was thrilled!! He is in the 25th percentile which is great for being a month early.

It was funny, because both Gavin and Joey had Dr appts. and Joey wasn't supposed to get shots this time, however they did recommend the flu mist. So we went for that!! Well, when the Dr walked in the room Joey thought the flu mist was a shot and started to cry. Bennett walked up to the Dr and kicked her in the leg and said "go away". The Dr (quite good natured) laughed and said, "wow, he's a bit protective isn't he!" Ha Ha Ha. Joey, by the way did great, and is 40 lbs and 42 in and in the 8th percentile. The Dr did mention that he will probably need glasses, so we will be going to see a pediatric ophthalmologist.